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For effective and efficient operation, every company offering cleaning services to the general community is required by law to set terms and conditions of service. These terms helps in guarding the relationship between the parties involved.

In case of any conflict, a court of law will use the outlined terms and conditions in resolving the case. This means that you should thoroughly read and understand all terms of service before you agree to bind with.

Considering the great importance, we have carefully come up with our own terms and conditions of service, which suit our services and our client’s needs. These terms are to ensure good relationship when offering our cleaning services but not to restrict the client as you may think. Our terms apply indiscriminately to all clients whether commercial, residential or private homes.

Over time, our terms and conditions of service may change. This should not bother you much because the new changes will not affect the existing contracts but only the new ones. New terms may be introduced and old ones may be eliminated to match with the changing customer needs. Our terms are friendly and easy to bind and adhere to.

Always get a hard copy of our terms from our office or you can access them online on our website at anytime.

Terms of service

  • 1. Access of facilities – Clients is supposed to grant unlimited access of required facilities or resources to our cleaners. In most cases, this includes water and power.
  • 2. Public cover – All our cleaners have a full public cover. Thus, we cater for all claims when timely and properly notified.
  • 3. Our facilities – You can access all our cleaning machines, tools and equipment but at extra costs.
  • 4. Guarantee – Any permanent stains on carpet will not be guaranteed if all our cleaning techniques fail to remove them. Fast Cleaners Bromley will always notify the client.

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